NanoArt is a complex artistic-scientific process that comprises three major components:  1. creation of the nanosculpture (sculpture at atomic and molecular levels, by manipulating atoms and molecules using chemical reactions and physical processes) or discovery of the nanolandscape;

2. visualization of the nanostructure (which is facilitated by the use of advanced microscopes) and image capture;

3. artistic interpretation of the scientific images using different artistic techniques in order to convert these images in pieces of artwork to be showcased for large audiences and to educate the public with creative images that are appealing and acceptable.

More about NanoArt here.

Mirela Suchea is an artist and a scientist working for the last decade in research of advanced functional materials for environmental and energy applications.

As an artist she is active in NanoArt and Photography. She had participated in various international and Romanian Exhibitions.

As scientist she is the author and coauthor of over 30 ISI journal publications in her research field, with over 750 citations and a Hirsh index=13. She is presently a Member of Research Team of Center of Materials Technology and Photonics, School of Applied Technology Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece http://www.cematep.teicrete.gr/

Artistic activity and achievements

2017 Director for Europe of Academy of NanoArt

Founder and organizer of the 1st and 2nd Art & Science International Photo Contest Romania (2014, 2016)

2016 Curator (together with Cris Orfescu) of the 4th International Festival of NanoArt hosted in Cluj Napoca, Romania at Babes Bolyai University. Exhibition participant.

2015 Collective Exhibition “Quartet” Bucharest, Romania

2014 Curator (together with Cris Orfescu) of the 3rd International Festival of NanoArt hosted in Iasi, Romania at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. Exhibition participant.

2014 Personal Exhibition “MICROfotografie“Iasi, Romania

2013 Collective Exhibition “Impreuna”

Since 2013 member FotoIasi

Since 2013 Image Source contributors


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